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Sokoban en JavaScript v1.01

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New web for "Sokoban en JavaScript"

It was already hour of which this project had a Web where to shape all its characteristics until the moment and where to be able to grow little by little. At the moment, the present version:

  • It is multiplatform. It only needs a browser with Javascript.
  • 1,237 levels of different authors, grouped by packages.
  • It supports levels of any size.
  • It remembers the position and the level of the last time.
  • It allows to undo.
  • It comes with 9 different skins.

New in this version:


  • There is a new skin called "Two Point Zero". This skin has been designed by Alan Angelats for this version. Thaks Mr. Angelats!

    Skin: Two Point Zero, by Alan Angelats


  • The bug detected in version v0.92 has been solved
  • Before, you can continue a game, but then you can´t undo moves. Now you always can undo.
  • I add Ctrl+Z to undo.
  • The moves are saved in format LRUD. At the next versions I'll save the solutions in this format.
  • It now has counters for the moves and the pushes.


  • The levels Sasquatch IX (not yet finished) and the 185 levels by Erim Sever are added to the new versión
  • The levels Sasquatch VIII (finished) and Microban III are completed.


  • The levels Sasquatch VII, Sasquatch VIII and Microban III are added
  • Plus skin specially designed to be used like Gadget de Google
  • Bug: It happens when when moving a box and undoing, you return it to move and later you return to undo. The game without remission appears a second player annoying.