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Sokoban en JavaScript v1.01

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Download "Sokoban en JavaScript"

You can play it offline
It contains all skins and levels

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Download Sokoban en JavaScript v1.01

You can play online to the Sokoban, but also it is possible to download it and to play it with no need to be connected. It has all the functional levels and archives. Also it those people can download who are interested in their study, want to develop to new levels or skins. And by all means those people who wish to put it in his webs, as long as they respect the mention that becomes to the authors of the levels, with their corresponding connections, and a connection is put indicating that the original one is in this Web. If you wish to put Sokoban in your Web but you do not want to be complicated the life, there is gatget of google that allows that same one, without no additional knowledge of HTML nor Javascript.

Download Sokoban en JavaScript v1.01

The downloading of a new version is totally compatible with the previous one. That is to say, that if you were playing in level 17, when decompressing the ZIP and opening the game, the game will be started again where you had left it. That yes, you will have of more levels, or some new skin.

I suggest you you visit this page from time to time to be up-to-date with the last version